Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photography
Pregnancy is without doubt one of life’s miracles. You are growing a life, your child inside your body. Now that’s pretty incredible and it does make for some amazing, unique and beautiful portraits. Did you know that your heart actually grows during pregnancy? Capture the emotional growth and bond that is beginning between you and your little miracle.
Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same. Your maternity portrait is a memento of the beginning an amazing journey that completely shift the focus of your life.
Maternity session wimbledon
Maternity session wimbledon
Maternity session wimbledon
Pregnancy photography can be really fun! We’ve had all sorts of requests for pictures that include props and Pinterest inspired ideas! We want you to enjoy your maternity portrait session and get some great creative photos. You are beautiful! You might have an industrial size bottle of Gaviscon by your bedside and everything is aching BUT you hair is amazing right now and that thing about glowing….it’s true. We are awesome at taking pregnancy portraits and making you look amazing. No point in being humble, it’s what we do and we’re very proud of it! (We’re also really good with Photoshop so don’t worry about little things like stretch marks). Before you know it……baby will be here! Time does creep up on you when you’re pregnant and before you know it that beautiful bump has turned into darling toddler who is pulling your flat screen TV off your wall. You might not believe me now but you will miss being pregnant, it’s a wonderful time and your maternity portraits are your special memento.
Fine Art Photography - Maternity


 Session Fee £99

Your investment of £99 includes the following:

• Maternity  session lasting up to 1 hour in our  studio.

• A Mounted Print of your favourite image.

• £50 product credit to go towards frames or packages

• Post production and digital artwork.

• Your personal viewing and ordering session.



Wall Art Products start from £265

Mounted Print Packages start from £300

Digital Package start from £299

Maternity Session  can be your one of two shoots with us . As your local qualified Cherubs photographers are offering and amazing Bumps to Babies package which includes  not only your maternity   session but also a very special newborn photo shoot.

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