As photographers image quality is always top of our agenda. We use the latest camera and computer technology combined with the newest and most powerful editing software available. This combined with good light, posing and sophisticated editing techniques allow us to create the sort of images that we think our clients deserve.

When it comes to marketing our business the last thing we want is all of our hard work and investment undone by poor print quality. This is way we are always looking for the right companies to work with to produce our flyers, business cards, brochures and display banners.

As someone who has a few years of experience working on both the print and production side of things I know how hard it can be to produce the excellent quality you might see on a small print on a much larger scale.

One of the things we do to let potential customers know who we are and what we do is to have exhibition displays at various events. Roller banners are one of the easiest ways to make a large and bold visual statement.

For those that don’t know roller banners, also known as pop up, pull up and rollup banners are self standing banner displays that can be placed anywhere without the reliance of a wall, ceiling or surface to hang them on.
They are extremely versatile way to promote yourself whilst being reasonably affordable.
We needed to create two new roller banners so we began the process of finding the right printing company to create them for us.

We had three main criteria which needed to be fulfilled;
Print Quality
Fast turnaround

After an exhausting search we ordered two 800mm x 2000mm Roller banners from Fast Print.
First tick on the list was the fast turnaround time especially as I ordered our banners just before a four day bank holiday weekend and received them on the first working day back in the studio.

Each Roller Banner came with its own carry bag and inside the unit itself was a three part bungee pole which easily attaches to the graphic hanger’s snap rail.
The roller banner can be easily assembled in a matter of seconds and is lightweight enough to move around whilst still being sturdy enough to stand in place.

The next tick was the price, our 800mm wide roller banner cost only £69.99 inc VAT and was eligible from free UK delivery. This was almost half the price of some other roller banners of the same quality on the market.

Third and most importantly was print quality which I can happily say was excellent. The high resolution printing produced wonderful vibrant colours and even the darker shadow areas looked great.
The quality of the 300gsm tear resistant vinyl is also excellent and much better than some other roller banners I have seen in the past.

If you are looking for a high quality look at a budget price then I urge you to visit Fast Print.

We will certainly be ordering more and with a super fast turnaround of up to 24 hours I’ll be certainly checking out their luxury finish flyers and like the look of their Custom Spot UV Business Cards

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