montage from your childrens artwork

Create a montage from your children’s artwork

Run out of space on your fridge? Are stacks of artwork piling up in your house? Looking for a rainy day project this summer? The answer to your problems is here, create a montage from your children’s artwork.

My daughter returned to school six weeks ago but this week they broke up for summer.
Throughout the week the souvenirs of year 1 began to make their way home.
This included a giant folder titled “artwork”.
Even if you have missed out on the gift of six weeks of schooling this summer there’s a chance your child has been creatively productive during lockdown.
Looking ahead to a summer break where the usual holiday clubs are closed, creating art is certainly an activity that’s top of many parents list.

What can I do with all this artwork?

With the average size of my daughter’s artistry being A3 the fridge isn’t a gallery option. Packing them away or sending them to landfill would be a shame too.

A few years ago I came across a company that created montages from children’s artwork.
I thought this was a good idea so now that my daughter has become so artistically productive now is an ideal time to create one myself.

Photographing artwork

When we’re not photographing portraits of families in the studio we sometimes have the opportunity to photograph artwork.
These photographs always have to be of the highest quality as they’re used for production prints and catalogs.
When it comes to photographing your children’s artwork this level of quality isn’t necessarily needed. The basic principles remain the same though.

As this is a project that I wanted everyone to easily do at home the plan is to use a phone’s camera and free phone apps.

Things you need to create a montage from your children’s artwork

* An area to photograph which is well lit but not in direct sunlight.

* A clean flat surface larger than the pictures

* Camera phone

* Adobe Spark Post App

* Print lab app
This make the process easier to order from your phone. If you’ve haven’t got one downloaded then make sure to see our recommendations in Get hundreds of your photos printed for free.

Preparing to photograph the artwork

First begin by preparing the area you’ll be photographing in. It is easier to photograph them on the floor as you’ll need to be directly above each image to take the picture.
The space you choose needs to be well lit with natural light but not in direct sunlight.
A cloudy day is always good for lighting which makes this the perfect rainy day project.

Taking and editing pictures

Make sure your camera is directly above the artwork and that you leave room to crop into when you edit.
There are plenty of photography editing programs but for this I just used the iPhone editing interface.
Crop each image to remove the background. Use the auto enhance setting to boost contrast and saturation.

Creating a montage

Many online print labs do offer a collage option but we wanted something with a bit more control.
It was also important to do everything on our phone so we used an app called Adobe Spark Post.

This first stage is to create a new post and import up to 16 images. The app will then automatically populate your space with the images. Once this is done you’ll be promoted to choose a size. We decided to go for an A3 print.

The next stage is to organise the photos, go to layout and choose one of the suggestions.
After this point you can make changes to cropping, move photos around or add some custom text into the montage.
Once you are happy, export the layout and send to print!

All that is need to finish the job is a simple frame and you’re done!

Create a montage from childrens artwork
Photographing your childrens artwork
Taking artwork pictures
Create a montage from your kids artwork
Adobe Spark Create a montage
Create a montages using Adobe Spark Post
Create a montage Adobe Spark Post
Create a montage print
Create a montage from your childrens art scaled

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