Coronavirus Safeguarding

Currently we have not been affected by COVID-19 and have introduced the following safeguarding. If this situation changes and you have a forthcoming appointment you will be notified. If need to rescheduled your appointment to a future date then this will not affect the terms of any offer or voucher you have.  We will honour or vouchers and offers regardless of expiration date.

Currently NOT permitted in the studio:

• Anyone with symptoms or from a household with symptoms
• Anyone who has been asked to self-isolate

To ensure the safeguarding of all visitors and staff we ask the following to be agreed:

• People attending the session must be from the same household or bubble.
• Customers must be wearing clean clothes to the studio.
• People visiting the studio should avoid travelling by public transport where possible.
• Hands are washed before and after each session.
• If you are going to be late for your appointment you must call to notify us. Your appointment may be cancelled to avoid family groups meeting and overcrowding.

Covid-19 Risk assessment

We have taken the following steps to safeguard our customers and staff:

• All props and outfits washed or sanitised after every use.
• A minimum half hour cleaning window exists between each appointment.
• Staggered appointment times so that appointments do not overlap, customers do not have to wait and / or meet other family groups.

• Photographers to wear protective equipment if requested.
• Photographers to rotate between shoots in minimise exposure to different family groups.
• Hands are washed before and after each session.
• Air conditioning used to ensure studio is well ventilated.
• Limited opening days and times