The best thing about our Cherubs Watch Me Grow baby photography offer is that we get to capture all the different stages of baby’s first year. We’ve put together a section of images taken at various Watch Me Grow stages. Most of these are taken in our Wimbledon studio but in the summer months we also take the camera outside for third sessions.

Finding your feet

When baby is 8 months old this is the perfect time to have your 2nd Watch Me Grow Cherubs session. Like this little chap, baby is full of character and he is starting to find his feet (sometimes literally). These sessions are photographed in our Wimbledon studio where we have a variety of different backgrounds and throws to make sure we get a variety of images for you to choose from.
For this session we didn’t want to distract to much from the wonderful expressions our little model was making so we opted for a simple black back ground for this set-up.

During the photo-shoot we did a three outfit changes and also some naked baby pictures whilst still maintaining our model’s dignity!


Baby Hair Styling

I must say I’m fascinated by children’s hair salons and the ways they attempt to amuse and distract children and babies whilst they have their hair cut. I’ve been known to do some window shopping (and some actual shopping) in Clapham’s Northcote Road. In one children’s clothing shop I spotted a rather ingenious use of a giant fish tank embedded into the wall and placed in front of the single styling chair.

At Juniors Children’s Hair Salon in Surrey they not only have play areas and toys for the kids, but also an enormous train track! Tandrum in London’s Kings Road is split over two floors, catering to younger and older children separately. Decorated in glittering fairies, princes and castles, there’s also an extensive play area full of toys, plus a waiting room for mum and dad. The Vogue floor even has a fish tank with two stingrays in it!
Just around the corner from our studio in Wimbledon is Shinny Stars Hair Salon, I walked past many times and peeked into the window and the pink Mini Copper, Plane and Hummer Track styling chairs which are sure the amuse the little ones for at least a few minutes!

This rather lovely young lady came into the studio for a photo-shoot with us. Mum brought along some of her favourite toys and amongst them was the hairbrush you can see in this picture.
She absolutely loved her hairbrush which might have something to do with the fact that it was so soft but she also liked to help mum brush her own hair!
This did make for some rather adorable photos and I picked this own out to share as a preview from the session at our Wimbledon studio.


Baby in the bathtub with bubbles

A while ago I was out and about shopping for baby odds and ends and I came across a little metal bathtub which I’d would be perfect to photograph a baby in. I brought it into the studio initially to use for newborn baby sessions but when this little chap turned up I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to see how an 8 month old would feel about it.
I must say he did seem quite comfortable and I hoping the dribbles were ones of happiness. I have a feeling it might have something to do with teething though.
He was certainly a happy chap and we got lots of smiles when the little pot of bubbles came out!

Dressed for Summer

This little chap came to see us dressed for summer in this rather smart shirt. We did also have fun with the bubbles, the giant tennis ball and a few other things we have stashed in the photo studio. We did a few pictures on the white background but feeling rather summery I thought it would be nice to take a few pictures on our very bright summer yellow background.

This is a preview shot from a 2nd Cherubs Watch Me Grow session. Normally we take these when baby is around 8 months old but this fella was a bit older which is fine with us!


Cute baby Smiles

I had the pleasure of photographing this little smiling miss who came down from Wandsworth to our Wimbledon studio for her photo session. We got lots of smiles and plenty of cute baby photos during the session. We had took a variety of different photos in a couple of different outfits and some photos with just a nappy (and nappy cover).
At three months old this little model is the perfect age for a 1st Cherubs Watch Me photo session. Normally at this age we start to see lots of smiles and there’s plenty of interaction. Most of the time they are pretty comfortable on their tummy but occasionally we do need to help them out with a little bit of support.


Baby in pink muslin wrap
In this baby photo preview you can see one of our lovely muslin wraps which we had made for the studio wrapping up our little model.

Throughout the the session we took a variety of different shots and had a few different outfit changes. At four months old our little Cherub was at a great age for us to capture lots of different expressions. She was fairly comfortable on her front but I thought she looked pretty happy just hanging out in our pink wrap in this picture.


How’s my hair?

The thing about taking photos of babies is that they don’t always arrive at the studio ready styled. I’m not entirely sure a baby needs a stylist but sometimes they do have wonderful and crazy hair. Personally I think it’s great when you have a baby in the studio and their hair is sticking up all over the place (if they have hair that is). But I totally understand if a mother is just a bit fed up about THAT one bit of hair that just decides to go against the grain and poke out in a funny direction.
This little Miss did have such a hair but thankfully mum was prepared and brought with her the headband you can see in this preview photo.

We take a variety of lovely photos during this Cherubs Watch Me Grow 1st session but I picked out this one as it made me smile. She seems to have a look which says How to do look? Is my hair alright?
This could be an early sign of things to come. As someone who is expecting his first baby in less than a month (a girl) I have a feeling that I’ll be hearing lots more phrases like this in the future. Then again, what girl actually asks their dad for fashion tips and opinion?


1st Session in the studio

It was a hot sunny day in London but thankfully nice and cool in the studio. That didn’t stop our little model from stripping off in our Wimbledon studio between outfit changes for some lovely photos and great expressions. This one made me smile so I had to share it as a preview picture.

At four months old this little chap was showing off some impressive neck strength! With a little bit of help he was already sitting up. When mum held him up for this photo he was certainly in a good mood and managed to capture some lovely images.

During the session, which lasted around an hour, we had time for three other outfit changes and a couple of different background changes too. We did a few nappy shots and I even did a few in one of our rather fetching dyed muslins, or as I like to call them, baby loin cloths.


Location portraits on Wandsworth Common

When the weather is good it gives us a chance to photograph some of our Cherubs Watch Me Grow 3rd sessions outside in local parks. We photograph our 3rd sessions when the little ones are just beginning to walk.

It’s not always easy, especially when you are in a large open space like Wandsworth Common. Believe me I have a great collection of images of the back of children’s heads as they run off chasing dogs, ducks squirrels, cyclists, other children……I could go on. This third session also lets us take some more natural and relaxed family portraits then those we might have taken in the studio on the first and second visits.

The best thing about having these three sessions is not only do parents have a photographic story of their child’s first year but every session is a little bit different.
I must confess that I am a bit of an outdoors person so I do enjoy these sessions very much.

As we strolled through Wandsworth Common I decided that for this image I wanted to give it a slight autumnal feel. Our little model Freddie was making his way through some long grass when I took this image. He wasn’t as happy as he was when we visited the ponds and saw the ducks or when he got to have a go with a local dog walker’s ball launcher but I do like his expression.


That super cute look

As baby photographers we try our best to create cute baby pictures and I like to think we have had some success. This delightful young lady came to see us in the studio just before her first birthday. 12 months old, or rather just before they are walking, is one of my favourite ages to photograph. Let’s just say it’s very easy to get lots of cute baby pictures at that age! There’s lots of character showing through in all the pictures I took and we can even see a few teeth making an appearance as well!
In this hour long photo session we had three different outfit changes and some pictures in a rather fetching nappy cover. We also had a couple of backgrounds changes so that we could capture both high key and low key shots.


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