Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Babies are such an amazing gift and becoming a parent regardless of whether it’s for the first or fifth time, is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of one’s life. Throughout your baby’s first year he or she will go from being a tiny helpless ball in your arms to a thriving toddler tornado. In-between that time you have all of the fun firsts to looking forward to from the first time your baby wakes with a smile to a full belly laugh at the simplest thing.

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You baby’s first year is all about milestones and when asked “When is the best time to photograph a baby?” I often struggle to come up with a decisive answer. Newborn photography is on thing but after that there’s so much more. In the first few months your baby will lift their head smiling with a responsive squeals or gurgle. They will roll and grab their toes whilst attempting to swallow the feet whole! In the next few weeks they’ll be sitting comfortably and reaching for everything and nothing. Soon the gurgles will turn to sounds that are not dissimilar to “Mama” or “Dada” before the crawling begins. By the end of the first year they’ll be finding their feet and have a pretty good understanding of the word “no” or “Don’t eat that”. All of these milestones are precious and when captured on camera are amazing and beautiful mementos which you really will treasure forever.
Our job as photographers is to capture these moments and milestones as professional and quality works of art. It’s a true privilege to be part of creating something that is as important as your baby photos are.

Baby Club

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Your investment of £99 includes the following:

• A baby session lasting up to one hour in our  studio.

• A Mounted Print of your favourite image.

• £50 product credit to go towards frames or packages

• Post production and digital artwork.

• Your personal viewing and ordering session.

Wall Art Products start from £265

Mounted Print Packages start from £359

Digital Package start from £449

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