About Memory Gate Photography

Formed in January 2009 Memory Gate Photography is managed and run by it’s owners and experienced portrait photographers Michael Shilling and Marcin Mieczkowski. Our Wimbledon studio is located in the Eddie Catz soft-play centre where we specialise in newborn photography, baby photos and family portraits. We have worked in the professional photography industry for most of our working lives and we pride ourselves on capturing hundreds of families’ milestone moments over the years.
In November 2013 Memory Gate opened their first portrait studio at award winning play centre Eddie Catz Wimbledon. Designing and building a studio space from the ground up allowed Memory Gate to create something that would fit they way they work and allow then to take even better portraits of families and babies.
Michael Shilling
Marcin Mieczkowski

Owner, Photographer, Digital Artist

About Your Qualified Professional Photographers

We have photographed hundreds of babies, toddlers and families in South London and we pride ourselves on high quality imagery delivered at an affordable price.
Capturing people’s lives is a big responsibility and one we cherish and we believe that creating something that people will treasure forever is the best job in the world.
Everyday we meet new characters and capturing those personalities is a challenge we relish.We love what we do and we think you will too.